Here. In this moment.

What might it mean to dramatically improve your ability to handle stress? … to feel more alive, clear-headed and calm?

The 8-week group ‘mindfulness experience’ Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction can help you to get there.

You’ll also learn how to make mindfulness a life-affirming habit for life!

The stress-busting MBSR Course $555 (Earlybird $505)

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In this moment are you …

  • struggling with anxiety
  • finding it hard to ‘switch off’
  • curious about the benefits of mindfulness but wonder “could I sit still long enough?!”
  • interested in learning a calmer kinder empowering way of living and being

Our Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course delivered in South East Queensland since 2007 or our private mindfulness classes designed just for you will get you started with mental wellness habits for peace of mind, calm, increased energy levels, physical wellness and happiness.


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Ready to start your mindfulness journey?

Make mindfulness meditation your wellbeing habit today! Mindfulness Teacher, Alison Keane MSSc  BBus IYTA  Dip Yoga Teaching

Dramatically improve your ability to handle stress

Join the growing groundswell of business leaders, doctors and their patients, academics, parents, teenagers, the worried and the anxious, influencers and creatives who with Alison's guidance have found optimum health, peace of mind, and the stamina to keep going with a mindful lifestyle…for life!

The MBSR Course

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction or MBSR is our 8-week educational workshop teaching powerful and supportive ways to de-stress by making mindfulness a ‘can’t do without’ wellbeing habit for life.

NEW Daytime MBSR Course starting February 2019!

Mindfulness for Anxiety

Anxiety is on the rise in modern western society. More people are looking for safe effective mindfulness-based ways to wind down anxiety and stress down and keep them at bay once and for all. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is our premium mindfulness training for anxiety. We encourage you to try gentle introductory mindful approaches in our counselling sessions and offer private meditation and yoga classes for the stressed mind.


Counselling can help if you’re interested in having someone ‘walk with you’ as you find solutions and your way to optimum wellness, peace of mind and happiness.

Book Mindfulness Courses

Find the perfect way to improve your wellbeing with our Group Mindfulness Courses and Special packages including:

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Meditation lessons
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Alison’s Articles About Mindfulness

What is the Difference Between Mindfulness and Meditation? Interested in mindfulness but wondered what it’s got to do with meditation and whether mindfulness is linked to certain spiritual traditions? In this short article you’ll find a summary of some of the things mindfulness and meditation have in common and what distinguishes them from one another.