Here. In this moment.

What might it mean to dramatically improve your ability to handle stress? … to feel more alive and at peace with things … even difficult things?


Mindfulness Meditation and Counselling can help you get there.

When your mind is busy all too often it can tip into unhelpful worrying or negativity.

Mindfulness helps you to notice when you’re getting stressed a lot quicker, and in this clear calm state you’re able to find solutions that are wise and caring for yourself.

In this moment are you …

  • overwhelmed with life?
  • at a crossroad and unsure which direction to take?
  • trying to switch off a mind that’s constantly racing?
  • curious about mindfulness meditation but wonder whether you could sit still long enough to find out?
  • struggling with anxiety and all the ‘what ifs’ of a situation?

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, yoga or mindfulness-based counselling are effective empowering ways to bring ease to mental stress. We have presented the 8-week group MBSR course in Brisbane since 2007.

Next Brisbane MBSR Courses June 27 & July 23

Ready to start your mindfulness journey?

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Mindfulness Coach, Alison Keane helps you find lasting ways to eliminate stress so that you can keep both your body and mind in optimum health and stress free!

Dramatically improve your ability to handle stress

Join the growing groundswell of business leaders, doctors and their patients, academics, parents, teenagers, the worried and the anxious, influencers and creatives who with Alison's guidance have found optimum health, peace of mind, and the stamina to keep going with a mindful lifestyle…for life!

The MBSR Course

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction or MBSR is our 8-week educational workshop teaching powerful and supportive ways to destress by making mindfulness a ‘can’t do without’ wellbeing habit for life.

Specialised Mindfulness Packages

Our Specialised Mindfulness Packages offer an introductory taste of mindfulness meditation, yoga and other mind-based wellbeing practices to support intimate relationships, health and well-being, relaxation, study focus and relief from muscular tension.

Private Mindfulness Training

While Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is our premium mindfulness training we also offer private meditation and mindfulness sessions designed to suit your schedule and specific needs.

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Our interactive and enjoyable Workplace Mindfulness seminars and courses are individually crafted to support your organisation in finding effective pathways through change and reorganisation, building a creative and upbeat team spirit, and guiding everyone in wholesome positive habits of effectiveness, well-being and work life balance.


Counselling can help if you’re interested in having someone ‘walk with you’ as you find solutions and your way to optimum wellness, peace of mind and happiness.


Find the perfect way to improve your wellbeing with our Group Mindfulness Courses and Special packages including:

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Meditation lessons
Relaxation techniques
Counselling sessions
Yoga classes