Alison Keane Mindfulness Coach

Alison is a mindfulness educator, certified MBSR teacher (CFM) and psychotherapist who has worked in the fields of participatory and preventive healthcare since 1998.

Alison with her Education in Mindfulness Programs, will guide you through hands on, easy to understand approaches to meditation and mindfulness that you will be able to take away and use yourself during times of stress and keep both your body and mind healthy and well.

You will have the option of choosing one on one support in mindfulness meditation, the research-evidenced Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course, or developing your own deeply restorative yoga practice for stress management.

Alison Keane is one of five Australian mindfulness teachers accredited with the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine Healthcare and Society (CFM). The CFM is involved in setting up global standards in teaching.

Alison’s 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course was one of Queensland’s first structured mindfulness courses.

Early Qld Mindfulness Teaching Pioneer

♦ In 1998 Alison developed and facilitated her first meditation course – a programme for pregnant mothers informed by post graduate group work study and her personal experience of meditation while pregnant. The course Om Ah Baby was part of the Brisbane-based The Relaxation Centre’s family well-being series.

♦ In 2001 deeply affected by the positive benefits that yoga brought to her life she trained to become a yoga teacher with the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) and began teaching hatha yoga alongside her psychotherapy work.

US Mindfulness Training under Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Direction

♦ In 2007 Alison significantly refined her understanding of bringing meditation to others when she completed an intensive mindfulness training for health-care professionals in the United States under the direction of Professor of Medicine Emeritus, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Founder of the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare and Society. She returned to establish Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in Queensland.

Dr Kabat-Zinn is widely acknowledged for his research-evidenced distillation of Buddhist mindfulness principles and practices to support people in reducing the effects of stress in their lives.

Workplace Leadership Training

While the MBSR is a much loved and important part of her work, Alison Keane is also passionately involved in emotional intelligence training and workplace leadership stemming from a business degree (QUT) in management and organisational science and challenging life experience as a senior government media advisor and company director.

♦ Since 2008 after repeated requests for training Alison developed workplace mindfulness programmes for managers and their workforce. These included teaching them a ‘hands on’ practical understanding of mindfulness as a way of building emotional intelligence, resilience and collaborative compassionate relationships.

Her workshops, seminars and retreats have been incorporated in organizational change, work life balance and health and workplace health and well-being packages. Alison also consults workplaces in establishing well-being spaces for mindfulness, meditation and reflection.

She has presented training for the State Library Queensland (SLQ), Queensland Health, Education Queensland, Queensland Law Society, Legal Aid Queensland, Triathlon Queensland, Epilepsy Queensland, Brisbane Catholic Education, local law firms, corporate workplaces and within the non-government sector.

Alison is a regular trainer at Lighthouse Resources, a national training and consulting group for the human services sector. At Lighthouse she presents the Mindful Leadership programme and a two day workshop Mindfulness for Self Care for health-care clinicians and workers.

Alison also coaches corporate leaders, managers and private individuals in the understanding and acquisition of accessible mindfulness skills. Her private clients include politicians, senior health care and education sector therapists, accredited mediators and professional managers.

Alison’s psychotherapy training and experience includes Relationship Australia (Qld) accreditation as a relationship counseling in 1992, and a successful private counselling practice in Bardon and Ashgrove from 1996 until 2015.

♦ In 1998, Alison gained a psychotherapy masters from QUT (MSSc) and in so doing obtained a distinction for post graduate research on family stress associated with Asperger’s Syndrome. The post graduate programme included further study in psycho-analytic theory, group-work facilitation and clinical supervision. Alison also has a business degree (QUT) in management and organisational science.

Bringing Mindfulness to Queensland Education

♦ Since 2001 Alison has also worked extensively in the education sector designing and presenting mindfulness stress management courses and professional development workshops for TAFE and Education Queensland teachers and career guidance officers, mentoring principals and other school leaders and facilitating mindful movement classes for primary and secondary students.

♦ In 2001 Alison became involved as a presenter in Brisbane Catholic Education’s Touch the Future programme and since 2005 has been a regular contributor in BCE’s Guiding Lights Leadership program designed for members of school leadership teams.

♦ In 2014, Alison developed and presented a five week mindfulness self-care course for teachers at Woodridge State High School.

Mindfulness Course Featured in Award-Winning SBS Documentary

♦ In 2010, Alison’s Brisbane Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course (you can see excerpt on this web site) was featured in the internationally-distributed and award winning SBS television documentary, The Silent Epidemic. The show captured the mind-changing 8-week journey of a young Brisbane woman who’d chosen to bring mindfulness into her life as a way of managing an urge to self harm.

Mindfulness for Everyone

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction MBSR CourseAlison’s community presentations are full of positive tips and plenty of opportunities to practice mindfulness, highlight healthy ways to live more fully in the present and be less tossed about by the effects of unwanted stress.

Alison brings an engaging, lively yet incisive presence to her teaching and support inspired in part by her teacher, Jon Kabat-Zinn, but also by more than 10 years of enquiry and guidance for students and seekers of mindfulness, and many more years of insights from her own meditation practice and life journey.

In her presentations Alison shares inspiration and stories from her early working life as an ABC television journalist and producer (Brisbane and Melbourne) and later roles as a Federal Government media advisor and a company director.

As well as mindfulness training she continues to bring the benefits of mindful, restorative and yin yoga to people seeking creative movement-based ways to bring ease to stressful lives.

In recent times she has been interviewed about mindfulness in a number of national magazines, Lifestyle and BNE and also writes about health and well-being matters including living a mindful life in local magazines.

Alison is a freelance writer for Australian Yoga Life and a teaching member of the Meditation Association of Australia

Keynote Presentations

♦ 2013 – Alison was invited to present on mindfulness at Yoga Australia’s national conference, Unity in Diversity.

♦ 2015 – Alison was a presenter at Brisbane’s premier yoga event YogaFest

♦ 2017 – keynote address for the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA)