Alison’s Articles About Mindfulness

Mindfulness in intimate relationships

What are the characteristics of a good relationship? Couples that thrive, and partners who grow closer together over time have good amounts of these qualities: kindness, a willingness to listen, non judgement, empathy, thoughtfulness, goodwill, forgiveness and also...

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What is a mindfulness coach?

What does a good mindfulness coach do? A good mindfulness coach is going to show you how to practise mindfulness in a way that will sustain you throughout your life, during times of challenge and in moments of joy. It can be fairly easy finding out what mindfulness is...

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What is stress management?

Stress management versus reactive coping When stress happens our natural reaction is to rid ourselves of it as quickly as possible. Humans are neurologically hard-wired to avoid suffering, whether it’s the irritation of a tedious traffic jam, or the more serious...

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