Private Mindfulness Training In Brisbane

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Private Mindfulness Training in Brisbane Learning mindfulness privately in Brisbane enables you to have face to face contact with an experienced and understanding mindfulness coach. While I recommend the Brisbane MBSR group course because international research supports the effectiveness of this training, and learning in a group can be highly stimulating, enjoyable and rewarding, people seek Read More

Group Mindfulness Classes In Brisbane

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Group Mindfulness Classes in Brisbane Our Mindfulness courses build your coping skills and make them a habit Our Brisbane mindfulness course shows you how to use mindfulness to build up your mental coping skills. Naturally it’s going to take a little longer than an introductory mindfulness course because let’s face it, changing a habit takes Read More

CBT Versus Mindfulness

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CBT Versus Mindfulness Is mindfulness a type of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)? As a mindfulness teacher I often get asked, “is mindfulness meditation really just another form of cognitive behavioural therapy?” No, but there are some similarities. CBT is a type of psychotherapy. Over a number of sessions a therapist trains you to use mental Read More

What Is Stress Management

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What Is Stress Management? Stress Management versus Reactive Coping When stress happens our natural reaction is to rid ourselves of it as quickly as possible. Humans are neurologically hard-wired to avoid suffering, whether it’s the irritation of a tedious traffic jam, or the more serious threat of a stranger’s menacing advance. The urge to escape Read More

The Effects Of Stress

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The Effects of Stress Are you concerned about the effect stress has on your mind, body and long term health? I’m sitting here. I know I’m stressed. There’s that customary knot in the tummy and the brain fog. They always happen whenever I ‘m on the wrong side of a work deadline. They’re familiar guests Read More