Mind peace


Life is wonderful but at times it can be overwhelming.

Some days when stress hits it can feel hard to find a way through.

Counselling can help.

What is Counselling and why might it be a better way to go than a Mindfulness Course?

A counselling session involves a therapist gently guiding conversation to support you in finding solutions to troubling life situations and to help you to make sense of unwanted change. Following counselling you may develop positive new understandings about yourself. Often these delightful and empowering insights seem to arise ‘out of the blue’ between sessions but result from the connection you have in session with your therapist.

For instance, you may suddenly feel a real energy lift or a calm knowing that you’re on the right course. The challenges that you first bring to counselling may lead to emotional growth and wisdom, peace of mind (and body!), clarity of your life purpose and re-connection with your spiritual self.

If you’ve been struggling with a hurtful issue for some time, and it’s affecting your ability to live a normal happy life, it can be reassuring and pro-active to have the support of an experienced counselling professional.

Alison uses mindfulness-based approaches in her counselling work. Mindfulness is the practice of moment to moment awareness. This is also taught in our 8-week group Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Course in Brisbane and in private lessons.

Alison is a former Relationships Australia counsellor. She is experienced in family and couples therapy, domestic violence victim support, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), grief therapy, solution-focused brief therapy and narrative therapy.

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Counselling helps if you are interested in:

  • Finding new ways of looking at life challenges
  • Learning not to be so hard on yourself
  • Recognising and relearning patterns of thinking that hold you back or make things worse
  • Discovering  new healthy ways of looking after your well-being and happiness
  • Gaining new insights on a relationship that has become stuck
  • Alison also offers personal training and mentoring in mindfulness-based approaches for therapists, mindfulness facilitators and yoga teachers.