Mindfulness for Individuals

Mindfulness is widely popular. This is because with commitment and practice this life-affirming practice supports us in living more effective, happy lives.

Mindfulness for IndividualsThe mindfulness that we bring to you in courses, online and in private support involves teaching you to stay present – in a particular way – to better look after yourself.

In time it will become an every ready support in helping you to manage stress, uncertainty or challenge – even when it is happening!

It doesn’t matter if you have a ‘monkey mind’ or you find it hard to switch your mind off. Learning to live more mindfully is available for everyone with the right support and guidance.

You will also learn life-enhancing and stress-reducing ways to bring insight and compassion to life’s little and big hurdles, and to yourself

While Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is our premium mindfulness training programme we realise that it can sometimes be difficult getting to a larger group training.

So we also offer private meditation and mindfulness sessions which are designed to suit your schedule and specific needs. Learn and practice with the guidance of a supportive teacher.

How can mindfulness help?

People are drawn to mindfulness for many reasons but mostly to bring more calm and ease into their lives.

The benefits of mindfulness are far-reaching not only within ourselves but in the way our expanded awareness and insight touches the world about us whether in the corporate world or at home amongst loved ones.

With regular practice, mindfulness benefits have been shown to include:

  • Being better able to concentrate and to focus attention
  • Enhanced relationship skills and connection
  • Managing chronic pain and feelings of overwhelm to do with this
  • Developing resilience and courage to cope with stressful life circumstances
  •  Finding more physical energy and mental optimism
  • Improved sleep patterns

Reasons that people have sought mindfulness training

  • To be more effective, approachable and less stressed at work
  • To be a kinder, wiser, calmer parent
  • To soothe anxiety and habits to do with anxiety
  • To improve a sport or study focus
  • To learn to meditate

Interested in Private Mindfulness Training or Support? Send us a message, we’d love to hear from you!