Group and Private Mindfulness Courses

Once you register for the group mindfulness experience, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) or our Private Mindfulness Training, the teacher will personally contact you to discuss the course and if it isn’t the right fit for you at this time we will happily arrange a full refund

MBSR Brisbane Group Course

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Group (MBSR) Course

Our premium mindfulness training is the 8-week group Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course. Anyone can register for MBSR. It’s especially suitable if you want to find safe effective ways to manage stress or anxiety. You might also be interested in MBSR if you have explored mindfulness already by yourself or in another course, and you want to find out how to make mindfulness a positive habit in your life.

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Private Mindfulness Training

Private Mindfulness Coaching

If you prefer to work one on one with Alison Keane rather than in a group environment, then our private mindfulness coaching is for you. Our coaching is available at our Brisbane location or online if you are unable to attend in person and can be tailored to what you’re really wanting from mindfulness and meditation in your life

Please give us a call on 0402 795 796 and we can have a chat about whether private mindfulness coaching is a good way for you to go.

MBSR Private Course

MBSR Private Brisbane or Via Skype

This MBSR programme is suitable if you really want to do the MBSR course but can’t get to our evening programme, either because of the times and days we currently offer or because you live out of Brisbane.

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Mindful Yoga

Our mindful yoga classes are suitable for those interested in developing a deeper understanding of meditation through movement. These classes are also helpful if you are really interested in meditation but you find it difficult to sit still or comfortably for long stretches Mindful yoga is another way for MBSR participants to continue their mindfulness journey.

Yoga try one of our classes

Try One of Our Yoga Classes

We’re sure that you’ll enjoy our yoga classes but here’s an opportunity to come along to one or even a couple of our classes in a one week period on a single casual ‘ticket’ before deciding whether you want to sign up for a block of classes.

Try our Yoga Classes

Workplace Yoga

Private Yoga

Private yoga is suitable if you really want to do some yoga with an experienced mindful yoga teacher but are not able to come to our regular class times, or would simply prefer to work one on one. Our private classes may be the thing if you have a small group of work colleagues , family or friends who are interested in doing yoga together.

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Skype yoga

Skype Yoga Course

The Skype Yoga Course is suitable for those who want a one on one experience with a qualified mindful yoga teacher and who can’t get along to a private session.

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Yoga 10 week class block

Yoga – 10 Week Class Block

Purchase a 10 week discount class block and be ready to go from your very first class.

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Yoga 5 week class block

Yoga – 5 Week Class Block

Purchase a 5 week discount yoga class block

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MBSR Past Participants

Once you have ‘graduated’ from the MBSR and would like to continue with our coaching you are warmly welcome to join our community. We have a range of options outlined below which our teacher discusses with you at the close of each MBSR course or contact us for more details.

MBSR Brisbane Refresher

MBSR Monthly Catch-up and Mindfulness

We have found on completion of the MBSR course, many of our participants are wanting continued contact and support as they go about cultivating mindfulness in their life post MBSR. With this is mind we offer the MBSR monthly catch-up program.

To find out dates, prices and more information please email or give us a call

MBSR Brisbane Refresher

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Refresher

Our Refresher MBSR course option is great for those who did MBSR a little while ago and are wanting a bit of a top of the MBSR mindfulness teachings.

Find out more about about the MBSR Refresher course for past participants

MBSR Retreat for past participants

MBSR Retreat for Past Participants

This mindfulness retreat is suitable if you have completed a group or private MBSR course with us. In fact you are welcome to come along if you have done an MBSR course anywhere else in the world! You’ll be joining members of the current MBSR groups in familiar mindfulness practices at our beautiful location at the Brisbane Quaker Meeting House at Kelvin Grove in Brisbane

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