Calm, naturally

  • Is your mind constantly racing?

  • Do you find it hard remembering when you last felt calm?

  • Are you great at going to the gym but put mental wellness ‘on the back-burner’?

  • Is exam stress taking its toll?

Why Mindfulness?

Over time anxiety can wear you out and over time create even more stress in your life!

Anxiety can affect so many parts of your life…

…the quality of your sleep, energy levels, the ability to concentrate and get things done, to laugh, play and work, to feel positive about life, and your ability to stay well and fight off illness.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a meditation-based mental practice. When you use and experience mindfulness regularly in your life you may find that you are less affected by stress, worry and anxiety.

In particular you will:

  • see things more clearly and calmly
  • recover quicker from stress
  • and make wiser kinder choices in your life

Mindfulness can be learnt in our premium group course Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction or you are welcome to discuss  private classes with us.

Ready to start your mindfulness journey?

If you are experiencing stress or anxiety, mindfulness meditation is best learnt and practised within a larger wellbeing plan. Get in touch today to find out more so that you get the most of out mindfulness, and feel supported and positive.
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An important message before you begin!

Like all new healthy lifestyle habits mindfulness takes time and the right approach. This is because you will be learning to use your mind in a completely new way! 

Here are some tips to get you started on you mindfulness journey.

  • Choose a mindfulness teacher with therapeutic experience in supporting those with anxiety and unwanted stress. In this way you’ll feel understood and safe all along the way. Find out about Alison’s mindfulness teaching background.
  • Find out about the teacher’s own mindfulness experience. How long has she been practising? What kind of mindfulness teacher training? How has mindfulness made a difference in her life?
  • Let your health care provider know that you are interested in mindfulness as a way of looking after yourself.
  • Finally, mindfulness is a fantastic way to cultivate both mental and physical wellness. However, in some instances it might not be the best approach. 

Mindfulness for Couples

Take your intimate relationship to a deeper level of connection, joy and growth by learning mindfulness together. Discover how to use this meditation-based practice to listen more deeply and kindly to one another.

Mindfulness for Study Calm

Struggling to get a handle on exam anxiety or finding it difficult to concentrate? Learn effective strategies for calming and clearing the mind. Discover how stress is affecting your ability to concentrate.

Develop effective mindfulness-based strategies to reduce stress and anxiety levels, and to look after yourself with self-compassion during busy periods of intense mental work. 

Interested in private yoga or meditation classes?

Private yoga and meditation classes can be arranged at our Ashgrove yoga space. Alison is a Center for Mindfulness (CFM) accredited teacher and  Yoga Australia (Level 2) yoga teacher. She specialises in teaching yoga and meditation for anxiety and stress. Alison has studied Iyengar, yin, hatha and restorative yoga.