Mindfulness for Beginners

Are you stressed and can’t find any way to beat that sinking or churning feeling that you have inside?

What is a Mindfulness CoachManaging Stress Levels

You’ve tried all the usual ways of relaxing, staying calm but these are not working anymore?

Perhaps keeping a lid on things, drinking a little too much or denying anythings the matter hasn’t been working for some time.

On-going unwanted stress strips us of our life force, our energy … even our dreams.

Stress and anxiety can keep us up in the early hours tossing and turning.

And it can make it difficult to even get out of bed each morning for fear of facing the day ahead.

  • Stress stops us from embracing positive life challenges and change.
  • It tells us that we can’t reach out to others when we’re lonely or afraid.
  • It steals our courage and steadfastness when things go terribly wrong, or we’ve been wronged.
  • Worse still stress can blinker us from seeing all of the things in our lives that aren’t stressful, like loved ones who care about us a great deal.

Before long the life we’ve always wanted, that one of happiness, vitality, laughter, peace of mind and lightness of heart has slipped away like sand through our hands on a hot summers day.

Mindfulness for Stress Reduction

But there is a really effective way to deal with stress. In fact it’s been working for humans for thousands of years. Though, we’ve become a lot more interested in it recently.

Once you get some good hands on training in mindfulness and learn ways to do it regularly in your life you’ll have a ready to go, inbuilt and satisfying way of making sure that you’re so resilient and calm stress doesn’t get the better of you like it does now.

If you’re curious about ways that mindfulness helps beat stress then you might also be interested in:

  • Learning mindfulness from an experienced meditator and mindfulness teacher who uses mindfulness to manage stress herself
  • Not being told to just go listen to a clever but faceless repetitive phone app
  • Giving mindfulness not just your passing attention but a real go in our 8-week group mindfulness experience Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
  • Hands on face to face regular guidance and support in finding how to use mindfulness to reduce stress, feel better and live the live that you want

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