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Mindfulness in the workplace

Why you should incorporate Mindfulness into your workplace

Teaching your managers and staff ways to be mentally present helps everyone stay focused and develop healthy ways to manage everyday challenges.

  • Are we more likely to be effective and think ‘outside of the box’ when our minds are not all over the place? Absolutely!
  • Can we cope better under pressure when we’re not overwhelmed by negativity, anxiety or worry? Definitely!
  • Are we easier to get on with when we’re relaxed, calm and present? Yes
  • Are we more likely to turn up for work looking forward to the day’s challenges and open to new ideas if we’re feeling healthy and well? Of course!
  • Mental worries and unsettling organisational change, work pressures and unexpected crises can tip many people into overwhelm, if they don’t know the necessary mind skills to cope.

Mindfulness is the practice of working towards an intentional state of heightened awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions, or experiences moment-to-moment, and returning attention kindly and without judgement back to the present when it wanders.

Find out about workplace mindfulness

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Regular practice of mindful awareness in the workplace…

  • Fosters a creative team spirit
  • Winds down emotional reactivity and conflict
  • Invites respect and understanding among co-workers
  • Builds psychological resilience
  • Increases responsibility for health and wellbeing
  • Encourages a thinking ‘outside the box’ mindset
  • Helps us to set aside personal issues while on the job

Scientists have found that regular daily mindfulness helps employees to be calmer, more effective, healthier and collaborative.

Let’s check out these interesting results!

Information technology workers at Promega, a small Massachusetts biotech firm were put through an 8-week programme of mindfulness training. Another lot of equally stressed workers did nothing.

Researchers found that the first group reported feeling more positive and less stressed. They also noted that they were getting on better with one another. Brain activity measurements (fMRI) before and afterwards supported these conclusions.

But it wasn’t just their state of mind that had improved. The workers who completed the 8-week mindfulness programme also reported feeling healthier. This was even confirmed by an increase in antibodies in their bodies in response to receiving flu vaccines four months later.

Building emotional intelligence through mindful awareness

Mindfulness helps us to be more self-aware. This is a key feature of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to monitor one’s own and others’ feelings and emotions and to discriminate among them and to use this information to guide one’s thinking and actions ~Salovey & Mayer, 1990

High tech firms, building and construction, teachers, prestige car manufacturers, health care professionals, tourist operators, and sporting bodies are among many organisations worldwide reaching out to mindfulness to support their management and staff and to build collaborative upbeat workplaces

The Mindful Therapist Workshop

In this 2-day workshop therapists and healthcare professionals learn important basic principles of mindfulness and how to bring the practice to others as well as developing the ability to be truly present with clients and during stressful times as a way of looking after oneself and being more effective.

The Mindful Leadership Workshop

In this 1-day event participants learn foundational mindfulness & emotional intelligence skills for managerial leadership, including a focus on stress management, focus, relational skills and good corporate citizenship.

Both of these Mindfulness Training Workshops can be delivered in your workplace. Both are also currently offered at Lighthouse Resources.

“I would like to say thank you to Alison for running such a uniquely wonderful mindfulness session for our employees. As real estate agents we lead high-paced lifestyles with long hours and high public expectation. This in turn can make it hard to keep stress levels to a minimum and ‘switch off’. Alison’s mindfulness training not only provided us with amazing techniques to assist in focusing at work, increasing productivity and efficiency, but her session also provided us with some fantastic exercises to relax, and focus at home around loved ones. From the 40 staff who attended Alison’s workplace mindfulness training I have received nothing but positive feedback. We very much look forward to working with Alison again”

J Kindt

Property Manager Corporate Liaison, Place Real Estate, Brisbane

“Alison Keane’s belief in the power of mindfulness to contribute to the health of individuals and organisations was evident from the first time we met with her. She delivered a rolling series of 5-week mindfulness courses to SLQ staff, in addition to a one day workshop for our senior and executive leaders. Feedback on the mindfulness training was glowing. The calm, patient and careful manner in which Alison leads groups was evident throughout our program and our staff appreciated her insights and encouragement to become more aware of themselves, their reactions, behaviours and their well-being. Alison’s contribution to the leadership program at SLQ was valuable and her knowledge and flexibility ensured that our program was successful – as testament to this a group of SLQ staff continue to meet for a mindful meditation every week”

A Hodges

Senior Management Team, Queensland State Library, Brisbane