Yoga for Mindfulness

Breathe Move … and Relax – Discover Mindfulness Through Safe Enjoyable Movement

Mindful Yoga Classes

Mindfulness Yoga Classes

Our yoga classes bring mindfulness and yoga’s calm, flexibility and strength together for you in one relaxing experience.

Our yoga classes are structured so that all of you – body, mind and spirit  – gets the benefits.

These benefits include inner calm, perspective, energy, relief from muscular tension and more. And the great news is that these benefits can last well after class are over.

You will receive expert guidance and instruction from our yoga teacher, Alison Keane who has also studied mindfulness under the direction of Professor of Medicine Emeritus, Jon Kabat-Zinn.

How To Book For Our Yoga Classes

Our yoga studio is located in Ashgrove in Brisbane’s inner north west.

As we are focused on Yoga for Mindfulness, we keep our classes small. That way our students are able to get the most benefits. However this also means that our classes do book out quickly.

To reserve a place, you can purchase using one of the options below or if you would like to have a chat with Alison prior to purchasing please call us on 0402 795 796

Once you have purchased Alison will get in touch with you to discuss the best class options for you. If we find that our classes are not the right fit for you at this time we will happily arrange a full refund

Try Our Yoga Classes

We’re sure that you’ll enjoy all of our classes but first time you’re welcome to come along to any of our classes in one week period on a single casual ‘ticket’ before deciding whether you want to sign up for a block of classes.

We have a number of different yoga styles so it can be a good idea to try out a couple of the classes before committing to a block of discount classes.

Try One Of Our Yoga Classes

Yoga Class Block Prices

Classes can be purchased in blocks of 5 ($85) or 10 ($150) to be used within five or 10 weeks respectively. (Class may be suitable for health insurance rebates. Please discuss with us)

If you miss your usual class this can be made up at another class within the payment time frame but please check with the teacher about availability prior to coming along.

You are also welcome to use up your class block by attending more than one class a week – again subject to space at other classes. Student discounts offered for full-time students or lower-income earners. Please discuss your situation with the teacher.

Yoga – 5 Week Block – $85

Yoga – 10 Week Block – $150

Yoga Private Classes

There are some instances where you may like to arrange a private class for yourself or a group of friends.

There also situations when a general yoga class may not be suitable Sometimes there may also be benefits in having some private sessions prior to joining a class.

It’s best to discuss what’s most suitable with your teacher. Alison offers private classes by appointment.

Contact Alison Keane to find out which Yoga class is Right for You

We also offer Mindful Yoga for the Workplace which includes instruction on how to practice mindfulness and how to meditate. You can find out more information on our Mindfulness in the Workplace page

Yoga Class Timetable

Hatha Yoga
75 mins
Mindful Yoga
60 mins
Restorative Yoga
70 mins
Yin Hatha Fusion
75 mins

Mindful Yoga

Yoga is moving mindfulness. In this class, mindfulness teacher, Alison Keane teaches asana as a way of returning the wandering mind to the present moment, and away from mental stress. Postures are deep and long so that students can notice mental patterns, and also the benefits of physical opening, strengthening and release. The present- centredness acquired ‘on the mat’ in mindful yoga can then be tried out in everyday life!

Yin Style Yoga

Suitable for beginners, Yin yoga is a meditative yet somewhat intense yoga practice which targets the connective tissue such as ligaments, bones and joints predominantly in the hips, thighs and lower trunk through poses that are held for longer periods of time than a usual yang style yoga class.

Hatha Yoga

Ha and tha mean sun and moon respectively. Hatha Yoga is a practice to unite the dynamic, energetic sun energies and quieter, reflective moon energies of the body and mind. All of the hatha yoga classes combine a mix of yoga postures, conscious breathing, and mindfulness under the guidance and instruction of the yoga teacher.

Restorative Yoga

Based on classical Iyengar restorative yoga and mindfulness meditation, and drawing on Alison’s learnings in 2006 from American yoga educator, Judith Lasater, this session is filled with luxurious deep supported floor poses, instruction for calm abiding meditation and mindfulness, poetry, body awareness, and possibilities for insight and self- awareness. Complimentary green tea afterwards!

Yoga is in no way intended as a substitute for medical advice and guidance. Please advise of any pre-existing medical conditions that may affect your well-being, enjoyment and safety in the class that you are attending. For acute and chronic conditions, it is recommended that you consult a doctor or other health care practitioner before commencing a class.